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Our Surroundings

If there is an ideal place in Asturias to discover our region, this is Ribadesella.

In this beautiful and maritime village, you can breathe “asturianía” (the Asturian way of life). Without hesitation it holds proudly the title of “Picos de Europa Beach”.

Its local gastronomy, its close proximity to Covadonga Church and Lakes, the dinosaur footprints that can be admired on some cliffs, the Pría blowholes, Tito Bustillo prehistoric cave with its Rupestrian Art, the international descent of the River Sella which has been recognised as a world heritage tourism event, the horse riding event on the Santa Marina Beach, its people and its multiple leisure activities, routes and so on makes of Ribadesella an ideal spot to enjoy your holidays with friends or family.



Ribadesella municipality is in the Eastern area of Asturias, between the Cantabrian Sea and Picos de Europa National Park.
The capital, Ribadesella, owns its name to the most famous Asturian River, El Sella, which here delivers its water to the sea forming a natural splendid bay and one of the best beaches of the Cantabrian Coast.
The famous beach of Santa Marina was the chosen spot by the tourism pioneers of the beginning of the century. Proof of this are the palaces on the seafront. This early interest continues growing due its strategic location and natural beauty.

The Beach

Ribadesella and its surroundings offer to the travellers’ wonderful options to explore the natural beauty of the area and some of the most beautiful beaches of northern Spain.
For example, Santa Marina Beach, in Ribadesella village, which is located in between two mountains, and it has won the distinctive Q Quality Award.
You can also find a diversity of beaches within closing proximity to the village, hidden gems like small solitary coves or long Sandy beaches. For example: Vega Beach a surfing Paradise and almost considered a wild nature beach.

In the close municipality of Llanes, you can be delighted by a unique beach in Spain, Gulpiyuri Beach, it is an inland beach with no access to the sea, It is made up of white sand and salt water, but the Bay of Biscay is just a few metres away and only flows under the cliffs.
Furthermore, there are a great variety of beaches worth a visit, and which are only 15 minutes away by car. 


The mountain

Ribadesella is known as “Picos de Europa Beach” because its proximity to Picos de Europa National Park, Cuera and Sueve mountain range.
Its location makes it a perfect spot for hiking, trekking, family walks and advance hiking routes for the most experienced.

Covadonga Lakes and Church (excellent tourist attraction in Asturias) are located 45 minutes away by car from our accommodation and they are worth a visit.

Another famous hiking route closed by is Cares Hiking Route which links the town of Poncebos (Asturias) with Caín (León) and allows visitors to admire the astonishing beauty of Picos de Europa Mountains.

Around Picos de Europa National Park, every visitor will have the opportunity to choose any walking route that suits their level from easy walks to more advance and even some climbing routes as Naranjo de Bulnes, cradle of national mountaineering.

In close proximity to our accommodation, you will find a kid’s friendly short walk called “Windmill Route”, it starts from the beautiful and unique town of Cuevas which is accessible through a natural grotto called La Cuevona.



The Culture

Ribadesella is a unique tourist destination with the presence of cultural well-known locations as Tito Bustillo Cave or the Jurassic dinosaurs’ footprints site, its old quarter, the excellent gastronomy, and its proximity to other important sites as Covadonga, Oviedo, Gijón or Avilés.

A walk around the village will show the visitors its rich past heritage, starting in the Portiellu neighbourhood which was the old entrance to the village, following by the Oscura and Infante Street, María Cristina Square, López Muñiz Street, Church Square, Fernández Juncos Street, Atalaya square, Sol Street, Santa Ana square and the Guía Church.

Nearby the visitors will be delighted by the Asturian Jurassic Museum, in Colunga municipality or the Cider Museum in Nava area.



You don’t have to choose between the sea and the mountain.

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